High-Quality, Complex Injection Molding Solutions

To be competitive in today’s medical device marketplace, companies need to expand their internal capabilities and expertise to meet these demands. ISO certification is no longer enough, and process capabilities and validation are now key factors when sourcing an OEM injection molding company. BMP Medical has invested heavily in capital equipment, ancillary equipment, infrastructure, and most importantly in our personnel. Our engineering staff includes expertise in Mold Master 1 and 2, expert toolmakers and mechanics, and years of experience in injection molded medical devices.

Our engineering team will work with our customers to review critical parameters that will drive the process development. Using de-coupled process development (scientific injection blow molding), our engineers can create a process window that is both tight and repeatable. This is where validation begins, and BMP Medical will provide full transparency throughout the validation.

BMP also uses process monitoring tools, such as the Edart system to monitor the process in real-time while parts are being produced. Automation is also key to our manufacturing plan and allows us to keep us competitive in the marketplace.

BMP Medical offers injection molding, injection blow molding, 2-shot molding, and insert molding manufacturing services; we also use state-of-the-art injection molding machines and robotics to produce high-quality plastic medical components for our customers. We are constantly rotating in the latest equipment as technology improves. This allows us to stay current and efficient in high-speed manufacturing.