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plastic injection molding process guide

Plastic Injection Molding Process Guide

This plastic injection molding process guide is intended to provide useful information about injection molding considerations, processes, the primary work leading up to getting a mold on a press, and the many caveats that go into producing a finished molded part. We hope you find this guide useful. It is intended for potential customers, engineers,… Read more »

medical device manufacturing reshoring

Reshoring medical device manufacturing in the United States

Over the past several years, the United States has seen a growing demand for reshoring medical device and component manufacturing. The past year has done much to prove that reshoring manufacturing is even more critical than we ever thought. With businesses quickly pivoting and supply chains being pushed like never before, there is a greater need… Read more »

Common thermoplastics used in medical device injection molding

Common thermoplastics in injection molding

Understanding what are the most common thermoplastics used in medical device injection molding is very important. Selecting the correct medical-grade plastic material for a project is a critical decision in manufacturing the perfect part. When working with an injection molding CMO medical device and component partner, it is important to work with injection molders that… Read more »

Plastic injection molding capabilities for medical devices

Plastic injection molding for medical devices

BMP Medical is your one-stop for custom plastic injection and injection blow molding for medical devices. For more than 40 years, we have partnered with leading medical device OEMs to create custom plastic injection molding solutions in both finished medical devices and components. During our discovery process, we review and discuss certain criteria that will… Read more »