Injection Molding of a Polypropylene Vial for an IVD Assay

Biomedical Polymers, Inc. specializes in clean room injection molding. We recently injection molded a polypropylene LAMP vial that is used for In Vitro Diagnostics. The part, which measures just 1″ x 1″, was injection molded in a modular ISO Class 8 clean room on a 165-ton, electric injection molding machine.

To meet the customer’s specifications, we ensured the part was molded to DNase/Rnase free manufacturing tolerances. Our expert technicians also did dimensional inspections to confirm specifications. We produced 3,000,000 of the approximately 2-gram parts in just two to three weeks, and then bulk packaged the LAMP vials for shipment to our customer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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