Injection Molding & Assembly

Leukocyte Test Kit for the Medical Industry

BMP Medical, A Biomedical Polymers Company, leveraged its employees’ design expertise and medical industry experience to completely redesign a test kit that is used in medical laboratories.

When redesigning the BMP LeukoChek™ Test Kit, which is used to microscopically count leukocytes and platelets, our employees strategically focused on improvements that would facilitate use. We performed injection molding of a 1.8″ X 0.7″ product based on our redesign, then custom-filled and finished it on the packaging line. The clear-colored part was manufactured to 0.0005″ in LDPE, HDPE, and glass capillary tube.

Our employees performed dimensional inspections to ensure we met the customer-supplied specifications. We redesigned, injection molded and packaged the parts (50/pack, 9 packs/case) for delivery to our medical client in Sterling, Massachusetts. Please contact us directly to learn more about our design and manufacturing capabilities.