Injection Molding of a Polypropylene Tissue Grinder for the Research Industry

Injection Molding of a Polypropylene Tissue Grinder for the Research IndustryBMP Medical used its medical industry expertise and experience to design and then injection mold a disposable tissue grinder tip and cap for the research industry. In addition, we developed a unique process to fabricate that tissue grinder tip.

The final assembly, which was semi-automated, was completed in a white room dedicated to packaging and assembling.

We are FDA-approved, met the customer-supplied specifications and provided sterile packaging services with the use of gamma irradiation.
Our company manufactured 3 to 4 million parts in 4 to 6 weeks, then individually sealed them in .0004″ thick polyethylene bags.

Please see below for the exact part dimensions and contact us directly to learn more about our injection mold design and manufacturing capabilities. This product is patented by BMP Medical.

Injection Molding Project Highlights

Product Name Disposable Tissue Grinder
Product Description This tissue grinder is used within research laboratories.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design:
– Designed unit
– Created unique process to fabricate the grinding tip is applied

Injection Molding Final Assembly:
– Various components produced in Clean Room (ISO Class 8)
– Final assembly conducted in white room

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 165 Ton Injection Molding Machine
Semi-automated assembly
Sterile packaging
Gamma irradiated
Overall Part Dimensions 3 Sizes:
15mL Conical
35mL Free Standing
50mL Conical
Grinder Cap Material Used Polypropylene
Color Clear
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Research
Volume 3-4 million annually
Packaging Individually Sealed in .004″ Thick Polyethylene Bags
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
FDA Approved