Single Cytology Funnels


We have expanded the product offering of our Cytology Funnels to include the disposable funnels with the brown filter cards. The new part number is BMP-CYTO-S50BP. The funnels are packaged and priced the same as the BMP-CYTO-S50's. These funnels are specifically designed for use with sample volumes less than 0.4 mL. The brown filter cards allow for a slower absorption of the fluids and is used when the researcher is working with scanty samples. One of the major applications is for use with Spinal Fluids. Like our other cytology funnels these new brown filter card funnels work and look exactly like the Shandon products that they are replacing.

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Item # BMP-CYTO-S50
type packages Pack
units per case 10
units per package 50
package type Pack
cell deposition area mm 6 mm
container volume ml up to 0.4 mL