35 mL Free-Standing Tissue Grinders


Closed System Prevents Exposure to Sample Aerosols

BMP Tissue Grinders are engineered for safety and ease of use. The closed system design provides the ability to grind the specimen in a sealed container helping to prevent any risk of contact with the sample. The narrow pestle eliminates the problem of sample overflow common with other tissue grinders. The molded-in abrasive surface does not leave any sediment to obstruct the sample during examination. BMP Tissue Grinders come fully assembled and gamma sterilized in an easy-to-open Tyvek® (Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont) package. An extra cap and patient identification label are provided for storage, transport, and traceability.


Item # BMP-TG-702
item name 35 mL Free-Standing Tissue Grinders
units per package 10
package type Each
size ml 35
case weight kg 1.81
case weight lb 4