Urine Sedimentation Systems

urine sedimentation systemTest sediment in urine with this complete system which includes the following components: The Economy Tube is a 12 mL graduated polystyrene urine tube with cap. The 12 mL Super Tube is produced from special polystyrene which greatly reduces the possibility of breaking and/or cracking. The Decanting Pipette is made specifically to fit the tube. After centrifugation inserting the pipette to the bottom of the tube allows you to decant off the supernatant while maintaining 1mL of sediment in the bottom of the tube for further evaluation. The optically clear acrylic slide has an integrated cover slip with 10 chambers. Each of the chambers is individually sealed to prevent sample cross-contamination and each slide may be used for up to ten patient samples simultaneously. The flatness of the slide as well as the uniform distance between the cover slip and the viewing platform provides a single focal plane across all ten chambers.

SKUItem Name
BMP-SLIDE-10 10 Chamber Acrylic Slide, 10 P
BMP-UR-592 12 mL Polystyrene Graduated Ur
BMP-UR-593 12 ml Super Tube
BMP-UR-590 Urine Decanting Pipettes
BMP-UR-594 Urine Tube Caps for BMP-UR-592